Worlds Chat Tour: Introduction

The concept of Worlds Inc.'s "Worlds Chat" project was to provide a shared 3D navigable chat space via the internet, unprecedented at the time. Production began in 1995, and took a small team the better part of a year to complete the first iteration.

As one of the first fully-realized internet 3D spaces, there was a lot of technology that had to be created on the fly, throughout production. There would be no weapons in Worlds Chat, it was just chat. In sharp contrast to the 3D shoot-em-up games of the time, this gave Worlds Chat a meditative quality.

screenshot 1

Being a fan of science-fiction, I decided early on that a space station should be the setting for the main chatspace. Later on it was decided that each of the six arms of the station would provide access to unique chat areas, such as a peaceful forest, a desert pyramid, a castle, and a floating sky structure. Of these I created the art and design for the space station proper, the sky structure, and the Worlds Chat interface itself. These are the areas I'll focus on here as I take you on a brief tour of what a visitor might see.

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